Trend Sumo ®

Intelligent Analytics + Expert Engineering = Results

Get the most out of your data 

Save Energy and Improve Operations

  • Identify Energy Savings Opportunities
  • Reduce Your Building's Carbon Footprint
  • Improve Occupant Comfort
  • Prioritization Based on Energy and Cost
  • TMY3 Energy Savings Estimates

Advanced Fault Detection

Identify complex issues and opportunities for ventilation, hydronic, and energy systems using four key data perspectives across thousands of data points with 200+ algorithms.

Ensure Persistence

Measuring persistence is difficult. Trend Sumo makes it easier to ensure that energy efficiency efforts persist over time, maintaining savings and ensuring occupant comfort.

How it Works

Trend Sumo® is an advanced analytics platform focused on building automation system trend data. Trend Sumo leverages the power of automation to clean, organize, and analyze large quantities of data. The platform ingests data from the building automation system (BAS) and conducts an in-depth review for each HVAC system to pinpoint operational inefficiencies that can lead to energy loss or occupant discomfort. Once improvements have been implemented, the Trend Sumo Measurement and Verification Savings Dashboard uses machine learning and Retrofit Isolation (IPMPV Option B) to calculate savings for energy conservation measures and tracks the persistence and resulting growth of those savings over time. Results from several studies have shown that careful use of continuous data logging can yield 5% to 15% annual energy savings (Claridge et al. 1994, 1996; Haberl et al. 1995).


  • Custom visualizations based on site specific data
  • Virtual energy metering
  • View data from multiple perspectives

Faster Results, Fewer Headaches

  • Fast onboarding process
  • Faults deployed based on system configuration
  • Key charts automatically generated

Energy Savings

  • Quickly identify energy savings opportunities
  • Maintain optimized operation
  • Ongoing troubleshooting


Issues identified through Trend Sumo may be as simple to fix as releasing a BAS override. Sometimes, however, the issue is more complicated, requiring knowledge of complex steam, district chilled water, or custom air-handling units. The GBA engineering team has a wealth of mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering expertise and is ready to support your project.

More Than Energy Savings

Building energy optimization is typically the primary focus for fault detection diagnostics (FDD). Trend Sumo is more than FDD. In addition to identifying energy savings opportunities, Trend Sumo collects equipment performance data, streamlining future troubleshooting. Rather than having maintenance be triggered by hot and cold calls or large-scale degradation of system operations over time, monitoring system data with analytics can help the facility team identify issues earlier. A faster response can prevent significant issues with occupant comfort, as well as unduly high operating costs. Our team of professional engineers is prepared to investigate tough questions, such as: “Why is a critical space is no longer maintaining correct pressurization?” or “Why is the building stack effect worse this winter than in previous years?" We want to help find the best solution for your toughest problems.

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